Zimmerman Construction
Golden, BC

A Unique Home

The Round House


The owners of this unique home have made a steady progression west, starting on Canada's east coast before 10 years in Banff. Their priorities while designing their dream home were expansive views, to be back in the mountains, and have a space that was communal with nature. They also wanted to work with local contractors and have a great appreciation and sense of place.


breathtaking views of the purcell mountain range

It's hard to find a place on this property that doesn't have absolutely breathtaking views of the Purcell mountain range and the Columbia valley wetlands. The unique shape of this home allows for 180 degree views of the Columbia Valley on the main floor, as well as from the bedroom on the lower level. They came for the expansive natural landscape that this area holds - and they've built a home that delivers daily. 


This home is all about being in harmony with nature. There's a strong emphasis on bringing the elements of the earth inside. This home features concrete floors, natural wood throughout, and no window coverings. They also went with an industrial theme for their kitchen and bathroom furnishings for contrast.


After finding their perfect property with breathtaking views the idea of living in a yurt (a round tent structure) was hanging around in their minds. After some online research a round-style home package fabricated by Mandala Homes in Nelson, BC was exactly the ticket. 

Building and shopping local is important to these homeowners, thus selecting a Kootenay based home package and a local building in Zimmerman Construction.  The build was not without its challenges - as any 18-sided house is bound to have - but the finished product was on time, on budget and a truly unique dwelling that is a pleasure to live in and was a pleasure to build.

On Working with Zimmerman Construction...

Whenever there was a challenge, Mike and James came up with an efficient and effective solution. We developed complete faith in their decision making and the building experience was remarkably low stress and smooth from start to finish.
— Owners