Zimmerman Construction
Golden, BC



Miller's Mountain Homestead

Rural living at it's finest. Single level homesteader, with a huge pantry to store all of the garden's goodies. Retire in the peaceful country, without sacrificing quality and comfort. 


Puttin' down roots.

Ample room to grow a garden, and a family. This home is prime for growth, and has plenty of room to store all of the summer's bounty. Not to mention, a top of the line kitchen and cold storage where all the magic can happen. 

Bring the outdoors in.

From the living room, to the kitchen, to the bathroom - Miller's affinity for nature's beauty is on display throughout their home. Many of the interior surfaces feature all kinds of natural textures, edges, and light. 



Nestled away in the country, but within reach of modern conveniences - this home is perfectly suited to those looking for a slower pace of life.