Zimmerman Construction
Golden, BC

Blaine & Diane's

Golden Carriage & Bunkhouse


A Family Hide-Away

Diane and Blaine wanted a recreational property in the mountains where they could enjoy their time together, and also share a getaway with ample space for their three adult children.

They decided that in addition to having their own space, children and guests could also enjoy a carriage house and “the bunkhouse” while still cherishing time together.  The property lies under the amazing mountains of Golden, BC.


Weathered Timelessness

Diane and Blaine are trendsetters, but they also wanted a timeless place that would not look dated in the future. Many original concepts were incorporated to make that happen, from the rusted metal roof on bunkhouse to whitewashed pine walls to weathered barn wood from Saskatchewan.

It’s All In The Details

Diane inspired us with her excellent taste and design skills which was a perfect way to showcase our attention to detail and commitment to quality work.  They were always pushing us to higher levels, like when Diane insisted that the matching outhouse also needed rockwork.

She was absolutely right it ended up being beautiful and tied into the carriage house perfectly.  


Calculated Craftsmanship

Blaine, an engineer with strong technical and trade skills, was full of great ideas.  Case and point was his idea of how to construct the trapdoor with weights to make it easier to lift, like an old school sash window.  His great sense of humour was also greatly appreciated.

We chose Zimmerman Construction for the reputation, quality and excellent reputation with their suppliers. They have great respect for the customer and are never too busy to talk, make adjustments and allow changes. The tradespeople are some of the best in the industry. They have a close and respectful relationship with the sources of their raw materials and wood coming from the beautiful surroundings, which makes for a great family atmosphere. We loved the design and build features suggested that we would not have thought of, and really helped finish off the design beautifully.

We chose Golden because it’s the most beautiful latitude and longitude on the planet… but please don’t tell anyone, keep it our secret ok?
— Diane and Blaine