Zimmerman Construction
Golden, BC


Winter Paradise


It is no secret in the community of Golden that the Dolinsky's are instrumental members of the establishing, running and flourishing of the Golden Nordic Ski Club society. Jeff spent many years as President and Joan put in countless hours volunteering around the trails.

After many years of dreaming of a trail-side home, and daily commutes from their home south of town to ski in the winter, the Dolinsky's knew where they wanted to spend their retirement. 

When a lot opened up at the Nordic ski trail head and the timing was right, the Dolinsky's jumped at the opportunity and are now finally able to access their beloved trails right from their back door.


Beautiful Exterior with Clean LInes

The look of the Dolinsky's mountain residence is a vertical wood paneled exterior with select timberframe accents in a traditional natural stain colour. The grey wood siding was treated with eco-friendly natural wood protection. The Dolinsky's hand-selected a curved log piece from local craftsmen to give their entryway additional distinction.

Happy Home Owners

We always work closely with home owners to fully understand their needs and visions when building their home. Happy home owners are our goal. We are proud to have made the Dolinsky's dream house their reality.

An Energy-Efficient Home

A big part of who the Dolinsky's are as people involves values like sustainability, eco-friendliness and caring for the environment. When building their home, this focus didn't shift. We were able to achieve a highly efficient exterior wall using a staggered stud wall filled with blown-in cellulose, which gave them an R value of R 40. (A code minimum house would be R 24). Their windows are high efficiency triple pane tilt-n-turn. 

Distinctive Accents

To make their home truly their own, the Dolinsky's personally hand-picked many accent pieces. As an example, they took to the woods to find the perfect piece to make into hand rails for their basement stairs, which they also personally sanded and treated.

A antique metal street lamp post originating from Jeff's home town decorates their front entry.